The start of Jack Rose Designs had been a long

time coming.  I was always interested in

starting my own business, but never

seemed to have the time to do so. After my

son was born, I figured that since I wasn't

sleeping anyway, it would be a great

time to take on a new venture and finally

open Jack Rose Designs.


The name wasn't always Jack Rose -

it started off as a few nautical-related names,

but nothing seemed to be the one. Then, one

groggy morning over a long-cold cup of coffee

with my husband, 'Jack Rose' came to me.  I immediately fell in love with it and knew it was the perfect name for my business. So, on that morning, Jack Rose Designs was officially named: a nod to my son, my own name, a compass rose that points to true north, and yes, the Titanic.

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